livetain for your business

Imagine, just one simple click on  your website connects your customers to an app that provides them with all the information you want them to have. Whenever your customer is near one of your preselected spots the app automatically reminds him/her of your service. Very conveniently the customer´s interests and your business product or service are brought together.

Learn how easy this works with livetain on this website.

livetain supports you as a host: in tourism, at events and wherever you want to inform your customers about your business. It is easy and reliable.

Your website information is always available, wherever your customers are, and what´s more livetain reminds them automatically of spots in the vicinity, no need to actively search for them. Linked to the navigation app it leads them to all your destinations.

Users can add their own spots and share them with the community. Thus your web offerings are spread.

Contests like “Share your top-tips with us” are a brilliant way to improve customer loyalty.

A cool and dynamic community of businesses and users grows via livetain.

Detmold, hometown of livetain, is a good example of the added value gained by livetain.

There are more tourist attractions in and around Detmold than one can possibly enjoy in just one weekend. A lot of day tourists come to visit and most of them don´t carry booklets and flyers or have their visit prepared in detail. livetain is their pocket guide to all the interesting places and full of insider tipps only known by the locals. livetain bridges the gap between the analogue and the digital world, it actively reminds users of spots in the vincinity and inspires them with the collection of spots on the map.

Tourists can enjoy a very relaxed day out with the carefully selected spot-collection, that provides all the up to date, reliable and relevant information needed. Links offer further details.

Schritt 1: Create a spot

For your individual business you create your own spot collection and add texts and pictures from your website.

Step 2: Share your Spots

All that is left to do is to make your collection available for your customers. There are different ways to do this, you can choose from link, QR-code on your website, e-mail or your newsletter. Whichever way you prefer.

Step 3: The user imports the spot

Through livetain the user imports the spots and all the relevant information about the spots are immediately available on his smartphone. With your logo or slogan you are always present for your clients, which increases the chances for more client contacts.

Try it now!

Install the livetain app on your Android or iOS Smartphone and scan this QR- code.

Step 4: Store spot

Users can use all the imported spots immediately. They are stored under the heading “Detmold”. Add your own personal touch to your collection by choosing an individual heading. With your personal spot collection you have your own individual presence on the user´s smartphone.

Step 5: …livetain actively reminds the users of spots

The highlight: livetain actively informs users if a spot comes within reach of the prechosen monitoring distance. The user decides what to do next: access the spot and use it, or ignore it. livetain messages stay on the lock screen and can be accessed later. livetain becomes the regional hosts and actively draws the users attention to interesting spots.

Step 6: actively call up spots

Users can filter spots and call them up from the collection or the map. Via direction button the spot automatically connects to the navigation app.


livetain is the ideal addition to your website. With all its handy features it increases the usability of your website and repeatedly draws your customer´s attention to it. livetain´s commercial basic version is free for your customers, the commercial use is feebased.

For all your questions or if you want to use livetain for your business, please contact us.